The sound of my chair as I lay back to relax.

There was this particular chair in the office squeaks really loud whenever you leaned back just a little. The sound is just noisy and distracting to myself and the people around me. Over time, I subconsciously learned to avoid leaning backwards.

After awhile, I realized I am also doing the same with chairs without fault. It indeed was rather uncomfortable, considering the fact I spend more than 8 hours of my waking life on a chair.

This after all, is similar to everything around us. In situations like these where we adapt and get used to avoiding the squeak, we limit and allow ourselves to miss out on quite a lot.

Do yourself a favor, don't let dogma from the past cripple your ability to experience the future.

Not all chairs are broken.

See you next week.


"I do not know why you guys idolize Rooney, he isn't a good person, and let me tell you why."

2 months back, I had a nice barbecue session with my classmates from primary school, it's been close to 5 years since we met each other. Many familiar faces, but strangers at the same time.

One brief topic that stuck out to me the most - was on a teacher we all hated. I'm not going to be dropping any names, but all there is to know about him is that he carries a cane wherever he went, even to class, in the year 2009.

He wore a strong cologne and if I'm not mistaken, one of the oldest academic staff. His English was smooth, with a little Australian slur, even though he is definitely 100% Singaporean. He was known for his occasional "volcanic activity" and boring lessons.

The thing about gatherings with friends after an extended period of time is that it gives you time to think about how wrong you saw the world. We labelled his lessons as "boring", not because the content was absolute bullsh*t, but rather because it wasn't "relevant" to our academics. We were 12 and brainwashed into the education system.

"A system can only produce a system"

I remember this lesson back in 2008 vividly, a bunch of 11 year old boys talking about Manchester United's striker Wayne Rooney. I cannot remember the specifics, but it was a lot of idolizing that man. This teacher yet took time during lesson, to explain to us why Wayne Rooney isn't a good role-model, citing good points on his plausible upbringing. It was boring. switch off.

I wish I paid attention to that class. That was the kind of thing school was built primarily for - preparing future generations for the world.

And I hope a teacher will do the same today, especially on the topics with regards to popular celebrities, like Justin Bieber.


What is your greatest challenge at Carousell?

I have always been honoured to have been part of the team. But I was never able to answer that question. Until now.

Carousell is, to quote my words from August 2013, the "best available option since eBay now". It is and will, still continue making big waves.

I've learnt a ton over here, it's just impossible to wrap my head around it and put it into this short post you hope I keep it. Everyone has a specialization, and to quote a term thrown around over here, every single person is a "rockstar" at what they do.

It's almost impossible for me to think of an answer other than to be dead honest. There are times that it did indeed make me feel like I'm a burden. Fortunately, the good company I had the fortune of having helped me hopped over those hurdles.

This is a team so motivated to build a great product, and be so damn good at what they do. Trying to match or top their passion is my biggest challenge here.

All questions have been answered but the most important: What's Next? The answer is alot more straight-forward this time.

Time to be a 'rockstar'. And be so damn good, at what I do.

Carousell Team

Here's to the awesome Carousell team :)


As you might have already noticed, I have shifted away from Wordpress as my choice CMS (Content Management Service).

I do have plans to ramp up on the frequency of my writing, for the very simple reason I have a lot going on in my head but usually never record them because I am just too lazy. Hopefully this blog will serve as a form of motivation in time to come.

A lot of things are still broken and I have gone about to delete a lot of old and stupid posts, so I hope you bear with me as I get things fixed. The old landing page has been scrapped entirely and the main http://jurvis.co/ site will lead you right here. The old blog link will be deprecated within the next 48 hours.

I hope you guys will enjoy this newly-furnished blog as much as I will enjoy improving it's looks and content.



Reported by Matt Burns on TechCrunch, looks like Google is selling Motorola for 2.91 billion, versus the 12.5 billion buy in 2011:

TechCrunch has confirmed reports that Lenovo is buying Motorola Mobility from Google. This is the division within Google that the company purchased in 2011 for $12.5 billion. Motorola Mobility will go to Lenovo for $2.91 billion.

So hence essentially Google just bought a whole lot of patents that they may or may not categorise as "valuable" for a whopping whole 10 billion.

Just awhile back, Ars Technica reported that Google can get into trouble with a patent troll spawned by an Apple-Microsoft-RIM-Sony alliance:

Google bid for the patents, but it didn't get them. Instead, the patents went to a group of competitors—Microsoft, Apple, RIM, Ericsson, and Sony—operating under the name "Rockstar Bidco." The companies together bid the shocking sum of $4.5 billion. The complaint against Google involves six patents, all from the same patent "family." They're all titled "associative search engine" and list Richard Skillen and Prescott Livermore as inventors. The patents describe "an advertisement machine which provides advertisements to a user searching for desired information within a data network."

Yes, they perhaps involve some 95% of Google's total sum of revenue. So the bid of the patents happened a month before Google bought Motorola for 12 billion, which patents obviously didn't prove too useful over this one that they handed joke bids for. It was obviously a panic buy, as seen from Larry Page announcing the acquisition himself.

Well, at least we know this is the end of a disaster for Motorola under Google. They were throwing money in a sink and wasting everyone's time anyway.


Over the last weekend I was at Apphack, a hackathon organised by Angelhack and held in Microsoft Singapore. Super exciting event where I managed to meet lots of talented and absolutely brilliant people. I brought my camera along, so here are some pictures.


And of course, a photo of the handsome and dashing Greg Gopman, CEO and co-founder of Angelhack.



Playing with the A.R. Drone


And of course, my fabulous team in action!

untitled-65 untitled-71


Absolutely loved working with these guys, definitely learned a lot since they have WAY MORE experience than I do. Here are some snaps of the atmosphere all around the area.

untitled-92 untitled-109 untitled-117.jpg

Thought this photo below was definitely photo of the day, best sums up why everyone is here at the Hackathon; to take full ownership and strive to build the best product in 24 hours.untitled-116

Here's a little peek at the app we built for the Hackathon, did minimal work on the Engineering and focused more on design since my best skills mainly revolve around the web.


Also, a cool picture with Ben Parr! Loved my brief conversation I managed to get with him!


That's all for this post, Ta!